Photoshop Post Makeup Edit / by David Laflamme

With online tutorials, I have been practicing combining numerous photoshop editing techniques.  People often ask me what type of photography I like to do most.  I enjoy all sorts of creative projects, but I seem to gravitate more towards women editorial fashion.  I love the range in freedom of creativity from over-the-top fashionable to down right primal.  

I saw advertisement at the BART station yesterday that inspired me to play around with one of Alicia's pictures.  Using just lighting settings and masking specific areas, I gave the illusion that she had more makeup on than the actual photo shoot.  With just about 30 min of playing around, here is what I came up with:


To give you an idea, this is what I started with.  I first made the picture black and white with a little bit of warm highlights and cool shadows.  From there, I applied curves to the areas I anted to add the makeup. 

I admit to preferring Alicia's natural shots, but I hope you enjoy this fun edit!